Selasa, 27 November 2012

Teman-Teman IPA2 keras.


Heyyy:-) I'm denisa and I'm study in SMAN 8 Tangerang. Sekarang kelas 2 nih dan berarti tidak lama lagi akan kuliah. Berharap banget nih bisa tembus di UNPAD, amin yaAllah. Doain yaaa ehehehe.Sejujurnya sih gue gak pinter pinter banget, di kelas malah ngerasa paling bodoh. Tapi gue gak akan nyerah, gue tau otak gue emang jauh banget dibandingin anak anak kelas gue. Tapi gue gak akan nyerah, karena nyerah gak akan ada gunanya, dan org pinter itu belum tentu yang akan berhasil. Jadi, UNPAD here I comeeeee!!!!  Amin

Class Organization @XISCIENCE2 SMANDELTA

Congrats Sashi!! Lomba menggambar komik @ SMAN8 event.

Natasya @HijabEvent SMANDELTA

Study tour, yay:-)!

Happy Birthday Bu Mariani as Our Physics teacher!!!

Our vacation after midterm

Anyer with X2.

My tablemate, yulita.

My student card, hehehehehee.

Friends means Happiness

Japanese lessons

SUSHI TIMEEEEE!!!!! yaaaaay. Our Japanese teacher told us to make a sushi to eat. So we bought seaweed, rice, many vegetables, nugget, sosis, and many more. And Thank God, I'm Full:-)

And it might happen between us

Girl: Your new girlfriend is pretty. (I bet she stole your heart)  

Boy: yeah, she is. (But you’re still the most beautiful girl I know) 

Girl: I heard she’s funny & amazing. (All the stuff I wasn’t) 
Boy: She sure is. (But she’s nothing compared to you) 
Girl: I bet you know everything about her by now (Like how you knew just about everything about me)
Boy: Only the stuff that count (I can’t even remember the stuff she tells me when I think of you) 
Girl: Well, I hope you guys last. (Because we never did) 
Boy: I hope we do too. (Whatever happened to me & you?) 
Girl: Well I got to go. (Before I start to cry) 
Boy: Yeah me too. (I hope you don’t cry) 
Girl: Bye. (I still love you) 
Boy: Later. (I never stopped)

Dear math, me love you.

Math is sooooooo hard to understand by me, but actually she (Irma Suryani) teach me patiently. Thanks, mam:-)

Ma lovely school

Quote of da-day

''I never gettin tired in every exams. Because a piece of shit can't decide my future..."

26th november

Just put your headphone, and forget about the world for a while


10th grader